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Holidays Around the World Books

This comprehensive list of Holidays Around the World Books for Kids will help you plan your Holidays Around the World unit. The books all focus on different holidays, countries and cultures.
Holidays Around the World is an extremely popular unit in elementary schools and homeschool classrooms throughout the month of December. Although some teachers refer to it as Christmas Around the World, I encourage you not to do so as that is not an accurate term when referring to the various cultural celebrations on a global level.

If you are considering teaching this unit in your classroom I am here to help make your job so much easier. 

I recently shared my 5 Simple Steps for Teaching Holidays Around the World and showcased all of the activities that I've used over the years. I also created a 70 page downloadable collection of FREE Holiday Around the World No Prep Activity Pages that can be used with any book. This post will make it even easier for you to engage your students in learning about different countries and their holiday traditions through children's books.

Holidays Around the World {Printables, Resources, Scrapbook, Passport, Journal, Postcards, Crafts, Books and More}

Are you looking for ideas and free resources for a Holidays Around the World Unit? Here you'll find tips and links to make planning easy.

Many teachers think a Holidays Around the World unit will be expensive, messy, chaotic and require a lot of planning and prepping. That doesn’t need to be the case at all. This blog post will... 
  • Explain the 5 simple steps I’ve used over and over to implement a successful Holidays Around the World Unit in my own classroom 
  • Provide you with a list of book titles to peruse 
  • Tell you how to access free books and videos to use as teaching resources 
  • Showcase the tried and true, classroom tested, no prep activities I use each year and 
  • Give you a free 70 page printable resource to use to complement your unit in your own classroom

How to Teach Inferencing

Are you wondering HOW TO TEACH INFERENCING? This article shares fun inferencing lesson ideas, books for teaching inferencing and explains why inferencing is important for students to practice.

Students need to know how to make inferences and draw conclusions. Making inferences is a very important skill for them to acquire, but we seldom reflect on why it is such an important skill.  Making inferences is important because it teaches students to critically combine the vastly different skill sets of empathy, experience and observation. This post will share several ideas for inferencing lessons, provide titles of books that teach inferencing and explain why inferencing is such an crucial skill.

Classroom Management Transition Strategies

Teachers often wonder how to save time in the classroom. This post shares classroom management transition strategies.

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