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Pumpkin Book Project

Click through for Pumpkin Book Report ideas. This creative Halloween activity gets kids excited about characters and reading. Learn how to use this activity to teach how to summarize and identify character traits.

Have you ever noticed how easy it is to motivate your students in the month of October? When you add a bit of Halloween fun to literacy activities, even your most reluctant readers become enthusiastic about books. This post will explain how I use PUMPKIN BOOK PROJECTS each years to get my students excited about reading while giving them a chance to express their creativity.

Fall Bulletin Board Ideas for Elementary Schools

If you need ideas for easy fall bulletin boards for your school hallway or classroom, you have come to the right place. Whether it is September, October, or November, this blog post has simple and creative crafts kids can make, writing projects that look cute on display.

In the next few minutes, you will gain ideas for autumn bulletin board backgrounds and trims, get tips for hanging letters / titles and displaying student work, and see some really cute samples of crafts and board ideas.


Click through for ways to help children cope after a hurricane, or other natural disaster, identify ways kids can help others, and provide a collection of ways teachers can support their students after traumatic events.

Disasters, both nearby and far away, often cause stress, anxiety, and fear in children before, during, and long after an event occurs. The timing and widespread impacts of Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma have many children all over the country feeling uneasy. This article will share ways to help children cope with a hurricane, identify ways children can help others, and provide a collection of ways teachers can support their students' concerns about natural disasters and traumatic events.

How Many Books Should Be in a Classroom Library?

This page will answer the question, "How many books should a classroom library have" and will link teachers to ways to get free books for their own classrooms.

How many books should a classroom library have?
The number of books in a classroom library will vary based on grade level, space, and the subjects and content you teach. Although I have read some research-based articles that recommend an average of 20 books per student, I do not think there can be a set rule. Below are some things to consider based on your specific situation.

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