Sports Themed Classrooms

  • primary-colored fabric
  • astroturf
  • peel and stick parquet flooring
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  • sports-themed duct tape
  • pennants
  • General: Our __ Grade Goals, There is no I in Team, We're Having a Ball in __ Grade, Check Out ___ (hockey), Dive into ___ (baseball)
  • Student Work Board: All Star Work, Slam Dunk Work, Work Worth Cheering About, Work that Will Bowl You Over
  • Behavior Board: Grandslam Behavior, Penalty Box, Life Has Rules...Play Fair
  • Welcome Board: The Starting Line Up, Kicking Off a Great Year, Batter Up for a Great Year
  • Job Board: Pitch in, Special Teams
  • Birthday Board: Have a Ball on Your Birthday, Three Cheers for the Birthday Kid
  • Star of the Week: Rookie of the Week
  • Word Wall: Winning Words, Major League Words
  • Lunch Menu: Lunch is Served (tennis), Concessions
  • inflatable balls and bats
  • actual sporting equiptment
  • hang up team jerseys
  • pom poms
  • paper lanterns in the shape of balls (found at party)

  • Incorporate the acronym: Together Everyone Achieves More
  • Name your tables or reading groups after local sports teams
  • Refer to your classroom jobs as "positions on the team" 
  • Label your desk "the coach's corner"
  • Refer to morning work as "the kick off"
  • Label the area where students keep their coats and backpacks as "the locker room"
  • Title your classroom newsletter, "The Highlight Reel" or "Instant Replay"
  • Use an astroturf rug
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This bundle contains 34 coordinating products that will allow you to design an amazing, personalized beach themed classroom for very little cost. The bundle includes several editable files so you may use your own fonts and colors to customize nameplates, cubby labels, name tags, binder covers, newsletters, dismissal cards, schedule cards and more. You'll receive all of the items shown below:

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Throughout the month of June 2012, I am going to run a Classroom Theme Series and feature a different popular classroom theme each day. Themes are a great way to tie everything in your classroom just have to be careful not to let them clutter your classroom :) Today we are going to lace up our sneakers for a Sports Theme!

My original 41 Page Sports Themed Classroom Kit is now available in my Teachers Pay Teachers Store. It includes all of the following items shown in the sample pictures below, plus more! Click here to view the kit.
After gathering all of the ideas and creating my sports theme kit, I really want to use this as a theme. What a great way to emphasize teamwork and the importance of practicing something as a means of improvement.


Mrs. Giese's Classroom

Mrs. Newingham's Classroom

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