Job Charts - Setting Up the Classroom Series

This post is part of my Setting Up Your Classroom Series.

As we continue to get those room ready for the fall, let's chat about the Classroom Job Board.

Which is also a classroom management topic. Much like my mailboxes, jobs in my classroom have evolved over time. I started with an elaborate system where students received new jobs each day because I was told that the responsibility and sense of community was important.

It is.

But so is your sanity.

I'll skip all the middle stages and tell you about where I am now.

In my classroom everyone has a job. However, they are gainfully employed in that position for a very long time. Students are matched with jobs that they express interest in and that I feel is a good fit for them. They are trained and the job becomes routine for them.

This means the classroom runs very smoothly. Some of the assigned jobs that I have include:
Table Captains
Line Leader
Clip Chart Carrier
Mail Carrier
Homework Clerk

You know, the usuals.

When I rotated jobs too often my friends would forget to do their job or else wouldn't know exactly what the role involves. The consistency of keeping the same job means that everyone has a special part in helping our room to function. They are ALL responsible for cleaning up the classroom at the end of the day when we play Find It / Fix It. I also have a "helper of the day" and that person does everything else for the day (take notes to the office, erase the board, etc).

When I do change jobs (maybe 2-3 times a year), each student is responsible for training their replacement. I couldn't be more happy about this system.

I do still have a job chart. It just doesn't change very often.

Below are some very cute charts and ideas that you could use no matter if you change jobs annually or daily.
Mrs. Dillard from Suesstastic uses her little friends' smiling faces on her job board. I like how bold and colorful it is.

Callie's job chart had me feeling nostalgic. It reminds me a lot of the rotating sunflower chart I made during my first year of teaching. If you are looking to have the students switch jobs this is a fun option.

I simply adore the wording of this title. "We are Happy to Help!" It's so friendly and upbeat. Ironically, I came across this on pinterest and when I clicked to link I saw that it was from Mrs. Robinson's blog. I started following Heather's blog last summer and it's been fun to watch it grow. Check her out.

Amanda, from One Extra Degree put together a great Freebie to help with jobs in the classroom. Hop on over to her blog to read about how she manages jobs and snag her printables.

For more ideas and pictures to help organize and manage your classroom, please check out my book: The Clutter-Free Guide to Classroom Organization & Management.

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