Seeing Red...or not :)

Giddy does not begin to describe the joy I am feeling over something so silly.

I like things to match.

And when it comes to my classroom, I'm not a fan of the color red.

I acquired the shelf in the picture below from a coworker who had inherited it with her room.

I literally painted it black within 8 minutes of it being in my room.


do you see those chairs?

They make me crazy.

I'm OCD like that.

Well, last week I brought in fabric book covers because I read online that you could use them as chair pockets.

You can't.

They are way too stretchy. But, since I had already bought them all and I am TERRIBLE about doing returns, I played with them a bit. In doing so I found that if I double wrapped the chairback then it transformed the clashing red into a color that matched my room. I decided to do that because I could then refer to the kids by color groups.

That left only the red seats to stare me down and irk me.

And irk me they did.

So you can imagine my joy when me and my Ikea cart stumbled upon this bin of chair cushions.They were in the "as is" bin because they were made too small for chairs...which makes them oh-so-perfect for my little classroom chairs.

And they just so happen to be the same colors as my room.

And they were only .50 cents each. I'm also excited that my friends will be more comfy this year.

The only problem is that IKEA doesn't give you bags and they took up lots of room.
We made it work. I can't wait to go in tomorrow and attach them to my chairs.

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