Welcome Board: My Classroom Makeover

Long before the Pinterest craze, I coveted this bulletin board. I don't even know how I found it. I was just wandering through cyberspace one day and stumbled upon Krissy's classroom photos and fell in love. Everything that girl touches is so bright, colorful and creative...three adjectives that when combined together truly make my heart skip a beat.
Anyhow...I so loved her "reach for the moon" board, but since wall space is limited I couldn't justify putting it in my classroom simply for aesthetic purposes (though I secretly wanted to).
BUT...I then realized that it would make a super "Welcome Back" board for the hallway.
AND...since our "mascot" is a rocket, the pieces all fell into place.
I'm also working on a writing activity for the first week of school titled, "Why I'm a Star." I'll display those around the board before the parent open house/info night.
Edited to add: I DID create a writing project to go with it. You can view all of the details here.
Unfortunately, the pictures aren't fantastic because the board sits directly under windows and right next to big doors and it was a very bright morning and I am far too lazy to read the instruction manual on my camera to figure out how to compensate for that, but you get the idea.
I'll snap some better pictures when I go in next week to put the finishing touches on my home-away-from-home.
The stars are all cut from patterned yellow scrapbook paper and have my friends names printed on them.
I added the name on the rocket using stickers that I already had lying around the room.
In an attempt to be the tiniest bit different from the original, I added the boy using my trusty Cricut. I think I need to write our school name on his shirt. He just needs a little somethin'.
Krissy's original board had a very cool lighted rope. Love it.
Cara Carroll recreated the board using a jumprope from Dollar Tree. I think I will go that route too.
I actually made all of the words myself by selecting different fonts, but when I went to Krissy's site to get the link and give her credit, I saw that she so kindly uploaded a printable and directions. I could have used that two days ago, but hopefully you all will be able to take advantage of it. Prepare to be blown away by her site and classroom. She's awesome!
Which is why she is this Friday's...
Click on her blog button to check out her awesomeness...


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