Posting on the Fly

Oh my gosh! I'm having one of those weeks where I actually need to tell myself to remember to do the simplest tasks.
For example, it's 7:57 and I just realized I haven't eaten dinner.
Or lunch.
Unless you count the leftover cake that I inhaled with my coffee...which I drank 5 hours later than usual at 10:00 this morning.
What's that you say? Why do we have cake lying around?
Well, that is because yesterday "two twin toddlers turned two in tutus."
If you are looking to cross things off a to-do list then I don't recommend having twins on August 31st. It adds a lot of chaos to an already hectic time of year for us teacher folk.
So while we had a lovely day and enjoyed having visitors from out of town and look forward to celebrating again this weekend with the BIG party...I'm exhausted.
And did I mention we are shifting all of the bedrooms around? That means we are also painting all of the bedrooms. You get the picture.
I could go on and on with the "why I'm super busy whining" but I know you've all been there, done that too. So long story short....I have not checked email all week. I have not even read my favorite blogs since Monday which has me in all sorts of withdrawal.
I'm going to spend tonight getting more Classroom Management posts written and set to autopost over the weekend and I need to read and respond to a million and four emails. So so sorry friends!
In the meantime, I was just printing a copy of my Ultimate Classroom Supplies List for a friend and figured I would share it again. I had created it as a Thank You Freebie when I hit 500 followers back in June, but since there have been a whole bunch more of you who've joined me since then I thought it was worth reposting. If you haven't seen it before, I hope it is helpful.
Just click on the My Products button over there on the right and scroll down to the Freebies to view/print it.
Be back soon friends!

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