Small Group Meeting Area Giddiness

I'm so excited with how my classroom has evolved for this year. I had hoped to put the finishing touches on it on Friday morning, but I got busy making over
my hand signals posters. Since the hand signals are such a huge part of my classroom, I wanted to make sure they were ready.
I have just a bit more to do. Nothing major. I'll wrap it up during our teacher workday on Tuesday. My favorite part is my small group meeting area. As you know, I've been coveting the cutesy and oh-so-practical crate seats for awhile now.
I actually bought all the materials to make them.
And then I had my son sit on the crate. Granted he is a bit smaller than most of my 3rd graders, but not much. He was so low to the ground and the table towered over him.
They would have been too low for my kiddos.
So I felt that gave me permission to go out and purchase the storage ottomans that I had walked by approximately 1 million and 4 times at Target this summer. And that I did.
I had bought material to make a table skirt for my small group table. And by that I mean that I bought material for my mom to make me a table skirt. Remember, girlfriend here does not sew.
Except it would appear that not only do my seamstress skills leave something to be desired, but so do my measurement skills. Because I measured the table and told my mother I needed her to make a skirt that was 3 feet and X number of inches long.
She did.
But what I SHOULD have told her was that it needed to be 3 YARDS long. I used a yardstick, but must have thought ruler in my head. Good thing I don't need to teach measurement for a few months. It appears I need to brush up.
Anyhow, this is what I like to call a "Happy Accident." Because I simply pieced together my mom's panel with leftover material from my "curtains." I'm going to add some ribbon to the top, but even without the ribbon I totally heart my small group area. It was inspired by the fabulous Deanna Jump and it makes me smile to look at.
As an added bonus, my home office chair was a casualty of the Great Room Shift of 2010 and no longer was welcome in my house. It happily resides at my teacher table and I just know it is going to be a hot spot for students wanting to sit there. I can't wait to get started.

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