Haunted House Creative Writing Project

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Gosh. Can you believe it is Columbus Day weekend already? How did that happen?

I think writing has become my favorite time of the day. I've always enjoyed teaching it, but my current class oozes creativity and makes it all the more fun. This week we focused on descriptive writing and the power of adjectives. October lends itself to that and I love it.

We began by learning the song Witches' Brew by Hap Palmer (freebie related available by clicking on my products button)

It's chock full of adjectives and has a fun, catchy beat. It's perfect for kicking off some Halloween writing.

I informed them that they would be real estate agents in charge of selling a haunted house.

And the room was filled with wide-eyes and excitement and an eagerness to get started...always a good thing when you are asking them to perform an academic task.

We started with a graphic organizer to brainstorm words and ideas individually. They recorded rooms, features, amenities, thematic words, etc.

Next up, we pooled our ideas as a class and created a chart. This provides the kiddos with an opportunity to add to their own pages and helps those who may need to borrow an idea or two.

Using a top-down web to organize their writing, I guided them through the process of composing a topic sentence, supporting details and a "clincher." Those pesky closing sentences are always so hard to teach. I loved the topic sentences they composed. Some of my favorites included:
  • Are you looking to buy? I'm your guy.
  • I am selling a fa"boo"lous house.
After composing their drafts, I met with them in small groups. I had my friends use a highlighter to locate all of the nouns in their pieces. Then we went through them together as a team and added additional adjectives to the nouns to make the writing more descriptive.

I love pairing writing with an art project to display with the finished products. These are a work in progress that we'll finish up next week. I had them use construction paper to create paper-pieced haunted houses. They all managed to create the houses and will add details on Tuesday. I can't wait to hang these up.

I just uploaded all of the pages I used to my online store. I also created some primary-ruled pages for our younger learners. You can access them directly through this link:

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