Turkey in Disguise - a creative writing project

Since we have the day off today (Thanks Mr. Columbus), my son and I tried out my latest product: Turkey in Disguise. I've done this in 3rd grade for the past several years, but just made it prettier for it's TPT listing. I'll do the full write-up once I use it with my class, but I had a blast today watching my son disguise his turkey as an artist. Since I try to make all of my products adaptable for grades 1-5 and to allow for differentiated instruction, I'm loving having a live-in first grader to try things out on.

In other news...yesterday's weather did not disappoint. It's been a lovely weekend. I think 3 day weekends would be ideal. We had a "get together with family day" on Saturday, a "do what we want" day on Sunday, and a "get chores done around the house" day on Monday. I also finally managed to get caught up on my Classroom Management Series. Woo Hoo! How did you spend your weekend?

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