New Year's Resolutions Writing Kit for Grades K-5

I uploaded a New Year's Writing Project to my store this morning. 

This kit was created to be used by teachers in grades K-5. The materials were designed to make modifications easy within your classroom.

I recently completed this activity with my third graders in school as well as my first grade son at home. The differentiated pages and templates that are included made it a perfect activity for both.

This is a great activity for the month of January as it focuses on resolutions or as I referred to them with my class...goals.

After editing with the teacher, the students wrote their final copies. I always try to culminate our writing projects with a simple art project. These pages include adorable colored clipart, but I opted to print them in black and white, photocopied them and let the kiddos color them in. We then mounted them onto construction paper and glittered the edges (because I'm fancy like that).

Included in this 15 page kit you will find the following New Year's-themed items:

-a primary brainstorming page to collect ideas
-an intermediate brainstorming page to collect ideas
-a 3 detail web to organize writing
-a single detail web to organize simple paragraph writing
-primary-ruled draft paper
-intermediate-ruled draft paper
-primary-ruled final product paper
-intermediate-ruled final product paper
-a simple sentence activity page with space to illustrate for our -youngest learners

This year I hung them on my classroom door because I had some adorable owl writing to put up on my bulletin board in the hall. I displayed them as is, but the past few years I've done the board shown above using blowers and party hats. I've also taken photos of the students wearing party hats and using the blowers to display with their writing which is super cute too!

Happy New Year Friends!

Are you making any resolutions?

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Dinner Table Conversation Starters

I seriously can't toot my own horn loud enough about my Family Dinner Conversation Starters Holiday Gift for Parents.

Humble, huh?

But, here's the thing. I always test out my products before I list them and won't list them unless it is truly something I would use in my own classroom or with my own children at home.

We've been using this at our dinner table for a couple of weeks now and I am in love with the positive effect it has had on my family. I have a six year old and two year old twins. Previously we had a nanny at home, but this year the girls are at a Montessori school.

Our days are hectic and it feels like hubby and I are constantly passing through a revolving door. I go to work. He drops off the kids at 2 different locations. He leaves work at 3:00 to pick up the girls. I leave work at 3:10 with our son. He meets me in the parking lot at school and we trade cars. He takes the cool SUV back to his office and I navigate the dorky minivan full of tired kids back to the house where I attempt to cook dinner, monitor homework, referee fights over toys and correct papers.

All at the same time.

Hubby comes home at 5:10. I often go back to school or to class after dinner. Some days my son has sports. Hubby often needs to go back to work after the kids go to be. It's crazy...but, it's also what life is like in most of our students' homes as well.

Dinner is when we are able to sit and connect. For the past few months I've really struggled with the fact that I don't feel connected to all of the details of my kids' day. These cards have made dinner such a special time and I once again feel in tune with what they are doing and who they are doing it with. My son loves picking the card and reading it to the table. We each take turns answering the questions, listening to each other and asking questions that lead to elaboration.

I designed the questions to be open-ended and so that they could be used each and every day. They would also be great to put by the bed and share at bedtime if we aren't able to eat together.

I'm so very excited for my students to make these for their families and I truly hope that each family uses them as we have. I love them so much that I am going to make a few for friends who have children.


I'm giving away FIVE copies of this kit. I'll email the kit to the first four readers who post about this product and include a link to the product either on their blog or on a message board. Simply, leave me a comment with a link to your posting. If you aren't one of the first four to leave a comment with a link, you can win a copy...

I'll draw a winner from the remaining comments on Sunday night (12/3).

The video below shows how easy it will be to put the product together. Click here to purchase: Family Dinner Conversation Starters

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