Are You Ready For a Football FREEBIE?

I live in New England.

Also known as Patriots / Red Sox Country.

We New Englanders love our home teams.

So with the Superbowl coming this Sunday you can only imagine the buzz going around.

I subscribed to the "if you can't beat 'em join 'em" philosophy.

And since getting them to focus on non-football tasks is a challenge, I

Today I brought great joy to my third graders with a football-themed writing project.

And because I love and appreciate all of you (even you Giants fans out there ;) I am sharing it for free.

If you've wondered about my writing packets, this is a good opportunity to see what they are all about.
Pictured above are the 6 pages I printed to use with my class.

They include webs, draft papers and final product pages as well as 4 full-color printables to use as bulletin board titles or class book covers.

I'll be back tomorrow to show you some pictures and explain how I used them in my classroom today.

And if you cross your fingers and toes, I just might get my bulletin board up in the morning and will share that too.

To download this packet for free just hop on over to my products page and snag it there.

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