The Clutter-Free Classroom Project: Week #5 Challenge STORAGE

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Oh my.

I am downright giddy over this week's topic.

So giddy that there is a chance it just might be stretched out into a two week segment.

Folks, the time time has come

We're going to chat about classroom storage.

Am I the only nerd who drools over the different types of plastic containers, canvas bins, and stackable totes that line the shelves of stores? I could seriously set up camp at the Container Store and be content forever. Well, as long as I had access to a cup of Starbucks as I strolled the aisle.

For those of you who have been following along with the Clutter-Free Classroom PROJECT, I had you...

with the promise of helping you find ways to store your items.

And that is just what I'm going to do.

For the next week (or two) I'm going to be talking all about storage containers. We'll chat about where to get them. I'll inspire you to recycle and upcycle. We're going to think outside the box (no pun intended). We're going to get crafty and organized all at the same time.

As time goes on, I'll be spotlighting specific classroom areas and materials and sharing tips and ideas for storage related to them. For now, we are going to keep it general and open-ended.

Select an area of your classroom that could use some containerizing and do it justice.

  • Spraypaint is your best friend. I HIGHLY suggest black. First of all black is slimming and who doesn't want to look and feel slim? Secondly, it matches EVERYTHING. If you change your classroom theme or color scheme it will still look fantastic. Furthermore, black looks sleek and professional and fancy. Be sure to buy the kind that is made for plastic.
  • Invest in a pad of scrapbook paper that makes you smile. If you don't already have a theme/color scheme then I once again urge you to use a patterns of black/white/grey. You'll be able to easily change things out. I love me some black damask.
  • ModgePodge! Get to know and love it.
  • Keep an ongoing list of your storage needs and possible containers.
  • Ask friends, coworkers and parents for recycled goods. It's amazing how quickly you can collect an abundance of containers with a simple email.
  • Don't buy containers unless you have a specific need for them. This is an area in which I need to "practice what I preach." I am always tempted to buy containers. I've gotten much better at seeking out freebies instead.
  • "Play the teacher card." It is so easy to score freebies by explaining that you are a teacher.
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