Storage Tip #1 GO UNIFORM

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The key to looking and feeling organized when it comes to storage is keeping things uniform. Mismatched sizes, colors, and patterns cause visual clutter. They also prevent you from maximizing on the potential of your space.

Congruent containers do not need to cost you a fortune. With a little creativity you can easily design visually appealing and highly functional storage solutions.

Another benefit to filling your space with congruent containers is that you are left with a predetermined amount of space that you are allowed to use. Everything will have a home and it will be easier to manage what you have.

Decide what you have for space and what your needs are. Select one container that will be universal and meet your needs.

Because there will be a need to use some containers of varying sizes. I suggest pulling the look together by enhancing your containers with matching colors and elements. We'll talk about this later in the week.

Consider getting a larger bin to hold the smaller ones. Plastic bags and Pringles cans will fit nicely inside a large canvas tote and will present a uniform appearance.

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