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Words are a funny thing.

On their own some are fine.

But, when combined with another word they become a whole new thing.

An undesirable thing.

Take for example these to words:

I LOVE the Great Indoors. While I love me a day at the beach or a walk on a non-wooded, tick-free path, my general rule is that I don't enjoy nature. In fact, a few years back I adopted this song as my personal theme song. It came as a result of being in a new relationship (you know the "I still want to impress him" phase) with a camping-enthusiast and spending a small fortune at LL Bean and REI to look the part of a girl who could hang in the woods but ultimately ended up going on a camping trip that lasted 4 hours. I kid you not. We set up camp. We took down camp. We went home. I admitted to being the "Indoor Type." Point being, I see "indoor" as a positive word.

Come on now, who doesn't love recess.

Touche...the people doing recess duty probably don't like recess, but in general recess is also a good word.

Now pair those two words up and what do you get?



I'm always looking for fun ways for my friends to spend indoor recess. It's too short to tackle a game of Battleship or Monopoly. There isn't room to run. There isn't time to take on major crafts.

Needless to say I was thrilled to stumble upon this fabulous idea.

Ribbon tied to paperclips.

They are cheap.

They are easy.

They are cute.

They help practice fine motor skills.

Most importantly, they encourage reading.


I'm looking forward to making these an option for indoor recess.

Because thanks to the stinking groundhog it looks like we'll have 6 more weeks of it!
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