How to Save on Travel School Vacation Weeks

Good Morning Friends.

This is a not my daily teacher tip post. That'll come later along with it's Flash Freebie.

But, as I was basking in the glow of having just booked a trip to Florida for February vacation, I felt it my civic duty to pass my bargain-booking strategies along to my fellow teachers. Some of you came along on my virtual vacations last spring so I wanted to share how to go on a real one too.

Because let's face it...who needs some R & R come February more than us?

If you go to the Southwest Airlines website there is a pull down menu in the top corner reading, "travel tools."

When you pull it down, the last link (All Travel Tools) will take to a message that lets you know their current and anticipated booking window. At the time of this post it reads, "We are currently accepting air reservations through March 8, 2013. On August 27, 2012, we will open our schedule for sale through April 12, 2013. This date is subject to change! Please check back frequently."

Historically, on the date of release, the fares for that travel window go live at 6:00 a.m. EST. When they do there are always a few tickets for each flight available at great rates. This is especially useful when you must travel school vacation weeks as the prices get quite high.

If you are able to grab those seats you can travel at a very reasonable cost. Last year I booked our February vacation for $125.00 each way at 6:00 a.m. By noon those same flights were selling for $488.00 per person EACH way.

Since I started using this method to book our flights we've been able to travel both of our school vacation weeks for less than it used to cost us to go for one week. I simply check to see when the dates for travel will become available, set my iPhone to remind me to log on and grab the seats quick.

I will say I love the flexibility of flying Southwest. I like knowing that if we can't make the flight for whatever reason we get our full fare in a credit. This came in very handy when I forgot to go to the airport last winter. Do you all remember that? Not my most proud moment.

Anyhow, happy travels.

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