TEACHER TIP of the DAY #2:

When I work with teachers to create Clutter-Free learning environments, I encourage them to purge, sell and donate anything and everything that is not essential to teaching their students. Borrowing from others is a great way to minimize clutter, to save money, and to provide students with a variety of resources.
In order to establish a good reputation as a borrower and to be sure that you don’t lose track of your own valuable items that you lend to others, it’s important to develop an organized system for managing borrowed/lent materials. 
  • Whenever you borrow or lend something be sure to immediately record it.
  • Log in items when they are returned.
  • Keep a running list of book titles that you borrow from the library. I like to keep two different lists. One of my school library and one for the public library. As an alternative you could put a sheet protector into your binder and use it to slide in printed out lists from the library’s system. 

The printable above coordinates with my BLACKLINE DESIGN PRODUCTS  and includes:
-a sheet to track borrowed items
-a sheet to track lent items
-a sheet to track borrowed books
-a sheet to track lent books
-a sheet to track books you’ve checked out of the library
-reminder notes to send to people who have borrowed things from you
-thank you notes to send to people you have borrowed things from
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