I'm pretty sure I have said it before, but it certainly worth saying again. If you take the time to plan out all of the procedures and routines in your classroom and are consistent in modeling and following them, your classroom will become a learning environment that runs itself. I pinky promise {check out my video and free printables if you missed them the first time} it is well-worth the time investment.

Typically, by mid-October (we start around Labor Day) I don't really even need a behavior management system...but I assure you that it is absolutely necessary at the start when the students are feeling out the boundaries and getting to know your expectations.

You'll want to create a behavior management system that. . .
  • adheres to school / district policy (some schools do not want you to use a "public" method that has a child's name displayed with their behavior
  • is easy to maintain
  • is easy for kids to understand
  • is easy to track the data for your record keeping purposes
  • can be carried over outside the classroom (specialists, hallway, recess, etc).

Personally, I think the clip chart is an effective, easy-to-manage method that can be used in ANY classroom. I wrote an entire blog post awhile back dedicated to the clip chart and even have a FREEBIE in my store that you can have printed as a banner through Vistaprint (often for free). Please take a moment to read through that original post to see why I enjoy the clip chart method for managing behavior.

I did need to change things up a bit in my own classroom (for reasons that may or may not apply to you) and started to use something a bit different in the middle of last year, but I do plan to start the year using the clip chart before switching over to my other behavior management strategy. Be sure to stop back tomorrow for all the details on why I switched, what I switched to and of course a flash freebie to go with it.

You certainly may want to use the clip chart all year...or at the very least start the year with it as I plan to do. I had some requests to make the Blackline Design Clip Chart that I had created as part of my 100+ page Classroom Decor Bundle available as a separate item. 

So I did.

And since it relates to today's tip AND since it is what I am going to be using in my classroom to kick off the new year, I have decided to debut it as today's FLASH FREEBIE.

{click here to access and download the BLACKLINE DESIGN CLIP CHART}

All of my newer classroom theme / color scheme bundles include matching clip charts. You may want to check them out if you are using the following color schemes: grey and yellow,  earth tones, bright colors, or black and white...or if you are doing a beach theme, Hollywood theme, jungle/safari theme ocamping theme (pirates and western coming this week).

Below you'll find a collection of photos that may spark some ideas for your own classroom. If you have a picture to add, feel free to leave a link in the comments. :)

This is similar to the clip chart, but is magnetic.

This teacher uses velcro, colors, and points instead of phrases.

Here's a fun twist...each section is held up with an adhesive hook and some ribbon.

Don't you just love the images Leslie added to the top of her chart to let her students know what each color represents?

If you decide to use a flip card system, I HIGHLY recommend that you bind them together either using rings like Leslie did above or a binding machine like this. The lamination gives them extra durability.

Erica's system uses velcro to track student behavior throughout the day.

I really like Julie's creative spin and the way she reinforces positive choices.

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