Aren't they gorgeous?!?

They make my heart skip a beat each and every time I look at them.  My room is a mix of my Bright and Cheerful packet and my Blackline Decor packet and if those two packets got together and had babies, I'm pretty sure these boxes would be those adorable, happy babies!

I've been anxiously waiting to show you these boxes.

But, as we've traveled 360 degrees around my made-over classroom, these were at something like 340 degrees so it took awhile to get here...and that's with skipping over my Reader's Workshop Board {which we'll visit on Monday}.

These boxes are my favorite makeover project by far.

If you followed my INSPIRED series back in June then you may remember these cuties:

I had a row of boxes sitting on my top shelf that I had been using to store all of my Treasures Reading Curriculum in (each box housed a week's materials). But I came up with a new system for that and couldn't part with the boxes. 

I had the idea this year to use them to store student portfolio work.

We don't do formal portfolios, but I do keep a collection of all their published writing and such for open house and parent teacher or student led conferences. I've used folders in the past, but love the idea of just dropping the work in. Each student will have a box with his/her number on it.

Here's what I did:

You may also be interested in the makeover I did on my Daily Copy Boxes if you missed it the first time.

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