Do you take pictures in the classroom?  I sometimes feel like the teacher paparazzi. 

They are so fantastic for writing prompts, bulletin boards and keepsakes for the families at the end of the year.

I ALWAYS take pics on the first day. Here's what I'm doing this year. 

Have you seen these frames? They are the latest Pinterest craze. 

And I now subscribe to the "If it's on Pinterest then it HAS to be cool and I NEED to be a part of it" philosophy.

So you can put money on the fact that my cute new third graders will be posing behind a pimped out piece of foamboard in their adorable new school clothes with all those stylish new hairdos one week from today.

And since I was going to print and make a frame anyhow, I decided to make it into a packet so other teachers can make the parents' of their students happy with this sweet keepsake.

It was easy to make and I thought it would be great to have to take me own kids' pictures as well.

Except it seems I forgot that my son is actually going to be a 2nd grader and made him participate in a photo shoot with a 1st grade sign. 

No worries because it wasn't actually his first day of school (also evidenced by the outfit as the 1st day of school is the one and only day I am allowed to dress him in plaid shorts and a collared polo anymore...after that it is Abercrombie Tees and 'Comfy Pants' because it appears that at the ripe old age of 7 boyfriend has an opinion)...oops...I'm off topic.

Anyhow, here is how I made the frame (in under 20 minutes btw)

Now I realize that for a huge percentage of you, First Day of School 2012 is filed under, "Been There. Done That." So I made sure to include little crayon boxes dated 2012 through 2016 so you can file this away for next year.  


You could do it now because I also included graphics that read "I love School" which could be used in place of "The First Day of School."

I plan to take a picture of each student on the first day of school and will display them with my Back-to-School Writing Packet Projects for a cute and easy bulletin board.
{click here to access and print this packet}
The packet includes:

First Day of School Printables
I Love School Printables
Pencils for Grades Preschool - Sixth
Years for 2012 - 2016
Photo Instructions
Additional Clipart

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