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I wrote about how I always start the First Day of School with Play Dough (in 3rd grade) and shared my favorite recipe and a printable packet with you the other day {click on the link if you missed it}.

Several readers wanted to know about the quantity I make and how much the recipe yields.

So I whipped up a batch for you all to see.

My kids were thrilled. In fact, I was rocking my "Seasonal Stay-at-Home Mom" gig that day. I made homemade play dough with them, we had a picnic lunch and fed the ducks, we went to the library (complete with a canvas book tote b/c I think that is a mandatory SAHM prop), baked cookies and made puppets.

Of course I then fed them pizza for dinner in front of the TV while they watched The Lorax...

...and I'm pretty sure that was their favorite part of the day.

Anyhow, back to the play dough.

Here is what one batch looks like next to some familiar objects to give you an idea of it's size.

I then cut it into 8 equal pieces and bag it up. The recipe I shared doubles perfectly. When I'm making it for the first day I usually make two DOUBLE batches which gives me 24 bags plus some for the kiddies at home to play with. It's the perfect size for the students to use on the first couple days.

When I have parents make it throughout the year some make one batch and some double it. Since it is for a small center it's a good amount.

I buy the snack size baggies at the Dollar Tree, but if you have access to someone who uses baby food then those little plastic containers (not the glass ones) are perfect too.

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