To encourage your students to work together as a team, add a compliment chain to the classroom. When the class as a whole works together, acknowledge their efforts by adding a “link” to the chain. You can decide if the links stay forever once they are added OR if you want to remove rings as a consequence for negative behaviors.

Hang one of the signs from the packet on the wall in your classroom with one blank link attached. Print / copy the various rings onto different colored papers and cut them apart. Each ring represents something different. I like to copy each onto a different color. This year I printed them onto bright card stock to match my color scheme. The enclosed links read...

We were focused and attentive during a lesson.
We received a compliment from another adult. (great for assemblies, walking in the hall, when there is a sub, etc)
We met out goal ______ (preselect goals such as  building reading stamina)
100%________ These can be used if everyone brings in their homework, passes a test, etc.
There are also some blank ones for you to fill in.

Add one ring each time the class works cooperatively. When the chain touches the floor, the class earns the “prize.” I like to select prizes that aren’t really prizes at all...but the kids don’t know that. They are so excited to earn a “special science project” or “extra math game time” that they don’t realize that they are really doing extra learning. :)

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Below are a few more clever ideas I found that you may want to try:

Oh how I love Mr. Potato Head {well aside from the fact that one of my 2 year old twins was inspired to shove a magic wand up her nose right after shoving tater head pieces in his nose hole}. The students in this class earn a prize when he gets all his pieces...and the can lose pieces too.

I love cleverness and Hadar's whole class behavior bingo is very clever. Each prize column is headed with a letter from the word "prize" and the prize starts with that letter. And who doesn't love chevron? She has this available for sale in her store. If you love it too, you can get a copy there. 

Gingersnaps uses a "Gem Jar" to manage whole class behavior.

This concept assigns the kids to behavior teams that work together.

This one of those infamous Pinterest finds where the link takes you nowhere. If anyone knows where it originated from please let me know so I can give credit. Isn't it a super fun idea? I'm assuming the class earns puzzle pieces for positive choices and they work together to complete the puzzle. 

I really like the colors and the font on
Colleen's Bravo Board. Each table is color-coded and works as a team.

I'm loving Meredith's quiet critters. They visit those who are working...well...quietly. Kids would eat this.

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