It's Whatever Wednesday which means it's my day to babble about anything.

And oh my gosh there are so many things swimming in my mind that I want to share.

But they will need to take a backseat to some festive Fall eye candy because the calendar tells me it's fall and I am craving apple cider candles and pumpkin bread and colorful foliage and yet I am wearing flannel snowman jammies (yes, at 4:30 on a Wednesday afternoon...don't judge) and looking out at grey skies and trees full of green leaves.

So I need you to help me pick a project to go on my bulletin board {FYI: You can see a bunch of my former fall bulletin boards here} so I can get that fall feeling.
I've collected some Pinterest inspiration to choose from today, but am open to other suggestions as well?

I love seeing how my students' writing progresses over the course of the year. It is always amazing to compare pieces and note the growth they have made as authors. I especially love looking at similar writing samples because I feel you can see so much more when you compare apples to apples.

For that reason I created a series of annual writing projects that showcases their development by having them complete the same writing process to write about each season.

{click here to access and download this product}

I start at this time of year and have them write about fall...or Autumn if that's what you prefer (I included papers headed both fall and autumn btw).

Then around December 21st-ish we write about winter.

In March we write about spring.

In June we write about summer.

And then I take all four pieces and attach them to accordian folded construction paper to show all of the samples in consecutive order and it knocks my socks off.

While it does fill you with pride and joy and happiness for your students, you can't help but also think "Boo Yeah Look what I did!"

And it feels good.

I made it all formal by creating a nice packet (and am aiming to add the other 3 seasons to my store within the next week). As with all of my writing packets, I differentiated it so the packet can be used in grades K-5. I even aligned it with Common Core Standards for grades K-4. It's open-ended so you can pick any prompt or topic you want. And because y'all seemed to like my ink-saving Blackline Design Collection this summer, I made each printable available in both color and blacklined outlines. I used the latter this year and let my friends color them in.
{click here to access and download this product}

Did I mention that I did this with my class last week?  Because I did. 

And I promptly took down my "Welcome Back to School Board" with the "First Day of School" pictures that hung on it and replaced them with festive orange fabric (because I can totally leave it up for my next board) and outlined it with fake foliage in fall colors.

I know I will hang their writing.

I'm leaning towards adding a twisted paper tree.

But, I'm having commitment issues with which craftivity I will have my friends create to compliment their writing. I was thinking painted leaf prints and even attempted them with a few kiddos.

Epic fail.

So now I'm torn between the following...
Kicking it Old School with a good ole leaf rubbing

The real branch makes my heart happy

I LOVE the idea of doing this in fall colors because anything with a child's handprint is super special.

Oil Pastels...an overlooked medium

If I don't use this for this bulletin board I most certainly will use it soon. I love everything about it.
I may need to team up with our fabulous art teacher and see if she would be willing to take this one on
because I doubt I would have the class time to complete it.

I'm thinking if I do the paper tree I may have them each make a leaf to add to it because I'm pretty sure most have never done shaving cream printing. 

Super pretty, but probably best saved for a window and not a board with an orange background.

Cute alternative to handprint art above. This would be nice because I could have them do a tree for each season.

I already added my trim, but I'm hoping one of you will do a board with this as a border because it would look stellar.

Once again...a great idea to share with our art teacher. These are gorgeous.{photo sources...all image originated can be accessed through this link}

So what do you think I should use? Any other ideas you would suggest?

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