GETTING KIDS TO ANSWER {Whatever Wednesday}

I read about this idea on a message board and was intrigued. I wish I could remember when so I could go back and say thanks, but I can't

I tried it out.

Holy Cow! It works SO WELL!

You know how you ask kids a question or to explain how they solved a math problem and they say, "I don't know."

It happens all. the. time.

And you try to rephrase the question and guide them to answer.

And it doesn't always work.

So instead try saying...

It's crazy how often they'll respond to that with an answer or a detailed strategy.

I did a lot of Common Core Math work with my son this summer. He's got one of those cool math brains that allows him to think outside the box and solve problems in creative ways. However, he really struggled with verbalizing the process. I started using the phrase above and it was like flipping a switch.

Try it. Come back and let me know if it is equally magical for you.

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