Are you looking for some new ideas for November read alouds (or perhaps a reminder of some favorites you've forgotten about)? Here are some of my faves 

10 Fat Turkeys is a simple rhyming book that I think is best for Preschool through 1st grade. It's funny and they enjoy predicting the numbers as the turkeys fall off the fence based on the rhyming text. It could easily be tied in with a math lesson for our littlest learners.

Thanksgiving Rules by Laurie Friedman is also geared toward younger students, but can absolutely by used with older kids as well.  BECAUSE...it lends itself to teaching the writing trait of organization AND it makes a great springboard for having the children write their own pieces inspired by the book. The finished result makes a great class book. I'll be sharing ours soon. 

Admittedly, I am biased about The Thankful Book because I absolutely LOVE all things Todd Parr.  (You may also be interested in the writing/bulletin board/anti-bullying lesson I did with my class using Todd's book, "It's Okay To Be Different .") The The Thankful Book also lends itself to a great writing project for all ages and abilities...and one that is sure to be a keepsake by the moms and dads who receive the finished copies.

I simply can not do justice to Balloons over Broadway by Melissa Sweet in words. Please do yourself a favor and hop on over to it's page on Amazon and click on the "search inside this book" link under the image of the cover. It's a beautifully designed book that is put together with collages and illustrations. I'm in the process of planning an awesome integrated unit using this book during our short Thanksgiving week. I know my third graders will love it!

I was so excited to see that Cranberry Thanksgiving was once again available for purchase. We had this book when I was little and I remember reading it over and over with my mom and baking the cranberry bread recipe that is part of the story for Thanksgiving every year. I am also looking forward to sharing it with my class. They really enjoy when I read them books "from when I was a kid," but more importantly the book's theme about not judging someone by how they look will be a great addition to our weekly anti-bullying class meeting and will make for a great follow-up discussion.

So those are 5 of my favorite Thanksgiving Books. As part of my social studies curriculum, I do a HUGE project based on the Pilgrims and Wampanoags so I'm going to save that (and my book collection that relates) for a separate post this week. However, I did take the opportunity to poll the readers of the Clutter-Free Classroom Facebook Page and am honored to share some of their favorite November books with you as well. Please click on the book's image to read descriptions and reviews and see more photos from Amazon.


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