Using "Commercials" to Get Kids Excited About Books

In a recent blog post, I suggested a list of books to use as read alouds for the month of November. The list included my favorites along with titles that were suggested by fans on the Clutter-Free Classroom Facebook Page. I so love getting suggestions from you all...even though it's harmful to my wallet. :)

A reader (Hi Missy!) recommended a book she had just read aloud to her 5th graders, Wonder by R.J. Palacio. A couple readers "liked" her comment and another reader (Hi Laurie!) commented that she also felt it was a fabulous read aloud.

I was intrigued.

So I rushed over to Amazon and saw that almost 300 people gave it a "5 star review."


I'm really working hard this year to help my students LOVE to read and to teach them how to be "self-selected readers." I allow time for them to talk about what they are reading and make recommendations to their peers. I realized that this strategy was working for me too because I found myself interested in this text because of what others were saying about it.

After checking the book out I noticed there was a trailer for it.

And I watched it.

And it made me REALLY want to read the book.

And that got me thinking.

If I was excited about reading a book because of a trailer (which is essentially a commercial) then I'm sure our highly visual, plugged-in, tech-loving students will very likely have the same reaction. So now I am on a mission to find more quality books that offer trailers and plan to show them to my students when I introduce the book to our classroom library.

click here to: Watch the Trailer for Wonder by R.J. Palacio

Have you used book trailers in your classroom? Do you have any to recommend?

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