A Wall of Maps as Classroom Decor {Coffee & a Clever Idea}

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Aside from the fact that I totally want that rug for my playroom at home, I'm featuring this photo because of the map wall. 

In my classroom I have a large wall that has no windows or bulletin boards. I got mega crafty with bed sheets and while I do love it's look and the way it now functions, I'm thinking devoting a section to a "map collage" may be in my classroom's future.

We teach map skills...

a little (side note: Have you checked out my #2 selling product: Me on the Map}

But, I would think having a permanent display like this would be a great way to expose our friends to geography. It could serve as a center. It could be available for students who have finished their assignments. You could create task cards to go with it.  Or you could just have it up as decor because it looks fab.

I've never featured a travel theme classroom during my classroom theme series, but it is certainly on the agenda now.  Suitcase storage? Love that too! And the hanging globes? Lovey love love!

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