Groundhogs: Informational Texts and Non-Fiction Resources

Yesterday I shared some writing ideas and a few of my favorite fiction books about Groundhog Day. Today I'm continuing with my "Get Ready for Groundhog Day series" by showcasing some great non-fiction reads that you may want to share with your class.

 Groundhog Day (Rookie Read-About Holidays) is a simple book, but has some decent pictures and facts. It's best suited for grades 1-2, but my 3rd graders were able to pull some facts from it for their research writing.

The Groundhog Day Book of Facts and Fun contains a lot of great information and is presented in a way that is easy for the kids to understand and holds their interest. It not only 
discusses Groundhog Day, but also explains the seasons and why they change.

Groundhog at Evergreen Road - a Smithsonian's Backyard Book is an informational text that is part of the Smithsonian Backyard Series. This book is especially good if you are researching groundhogs because it focuses on their predators.

Animal Research: Templates to Guide Student Writing When Researching Any Animal is a 55 page packet that includes everything you need to have your students write an animal research report. It includes pages for brainstorming animals to research, task cards, graphic organizers, primary and intermediate-ruled draft pages and pages for publishing the final product. This is such a motivating assignment for students. I complete one with my class and then it quickly becomes a favorite choice activity for independent work.

Groundhog Day: A Writing Resource Differentiated for K-5 includes 15 printable pages of thematic materials to use in your K-5 classrooms. The packet is open-ended so that you can use it with any of the writing ideas that I listed above or your own ideas as well. There are 4 full-color printables to be used as class book covers or as titles on your bulletin boards when displaying the student writing. I carefully design each of my writing kits to include differentiated versions of my webs, draft paper and final copy pages to make it easy for you to modify within your current class and to be timeless enough to use if you change grade levels.

The Groundhog Day packet is also included in my money-saving February and March 6 Packet Writing Bundle along with writing packets for: President's Day, Teeth, Dr. Seuss, St. Patrick's Day and  Valentine's Day.

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