MLK, Owls and Multiplication: How I Filled a Short Week

It was back to school for me yesterday. I don't know how I feel about it. As y'all know I love me some serious procedures and routines and starting the week on a Wednesday rocks my world. At the same time it is nice to have a few off days to get crafty with the kids before jumping back into the nitty gritty on Monday. 

To make life easier, I pulled out some tried and true favorites.

I always love how these paper-pieced portraits of Dr. King Jr. turn out and my kids are always amazed that they were able to create them using paper and glue. They pair up so well with my biography packet and the project is a stellar way to kick off our study of biographies. The packet contains a bunch of different projects that you can use to study absolutely anyone. I also use the packet for author study. You can read my original blog post about these Martin Luther King Jr. Projects here.

I also took advantage of the odd week by reading Owl Moon as a mentor text and doing some owl research and writing with my class. During the spring I start to set them free with animal research projects as a choice activity when their work is complete and it truly is a motivational project to get them reading and writing non-fiction. 

You can read my original post on our Owl Moon projects here.

And you can purchase the kit here.

Finally, we continued on our journey to master all things multiplication and division!

Things that Come in Groups: product page and original blog post

Multiples on the Hundred Chart: product page and original blog post

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