Tell Your Clutter to Say Cheese!: It's Picture Time

Welcome to our first weekly challenge for the 2013 Clutter-Free Classroom Project. If you are just joining us, you may want to read my introductory post explaining the Clutter-Free Classroom ProjectRemember, you can jump in at anytime.

The next two weeks are all about getting started, getting motivated and making a plan.

Did I mention that one lucky friend will receive a prize for participating? More about that on Friday. :)

Grab your camera or iphone and start snapping pictures that document the current state of the areas you feel need to be decluttered or reorganized. Does the thought of doing so give you hives? I can relate. I always take before pictures when I take on a project and I cringe each time I look at them. However, there is a reason we're doing this.

Perhaps you are happy with the current state of your classroom overall, but there is a closet or drawer you've been meaning to get to. Maybe you have some things that you want to update, refresh or change up a little. Snap away my friends.

You'll be glad you have those pictures when your space is neat and organized. Talk about satisfaction!

Having photos of your cluttered up nooks and crannies will allow you to "step outside the zone" and really analyze the area. I can stare at something in my classroom for hours, but when I get home and look at the same thing on my computer screen, it is as if I am looking at it through new eyes.

It's important to plan and prepare before you jump in. These photos will be a great tool in planning your attack on the areas of your classroom you want to tackle.

Your pictures will serve as motivation and ispiration for others.

  • Create a folder on your computer titled, "Before Pictures" and put all of the pictures into the folder. This will make them easier to find as you continue with the PROJECT.

  • Stand on each side of your room and take a full view picture of the opposite wall. Continue around your room snapping pictures of each wall.

  • Next pick a corner to start in and take close up pictures of each and every area in your classroom: every shelf, closet, drawer, etc. I truly believe that there is no task too small or project to simple when it comes to improving your organization. You'll be giddy when you compare the finished product to the before shot.

  • Take your pictures in natural light and from interesting angles. Get some close-ups. If you're going to be blogging about them. you'll be happy to have some cool pictures to go with your post.

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