RABBITS {Get Inspired: Thematic Ideas and Resources}

Easter? Who said anything about Easter?

Many schools don't want teachers to include any holiday into the classroom, but Easter is certainly one that can be at the more controversial end of the spectrum because it is a religious holiday. 

If you are not allowed to mention Easter, yet you want to take advantage of their excitement and motivation that holidays bring about, I suggest doing some writing activities that are focused on rabbits.

If you have not yet introduced animal research then this is the perfect time to do so.  You could walk them through the process as a whole class using rabbits as your subject and then have them complete independent projects in the future. At this time of year this is my favorite task for my friends who finish early. You can see some of my finished animal research projects here.

Pairing some writing with a craft for a bulletin board is the perfect way to inspire your little ones.

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Animal Research: Templates to Guide Student Writing When Researching Any Animal is a 55 page packet that includes everything you need to have your students write an animal research report. It includes pages for brainstorming animals to research, task cards, graphic organizers, primary and intermediate-ruled draft pages and pages for publishing the final product. This is such a motivating assignment for students. I complete one with my class and then it quickly becomes a favorite choice activity for independent work.

Check out my Easter-themed Writing and Bulletin Board Packet. It is available a la carte or as part of my Spring Writing Pack 8-Packet Bundle at a reduced cost. Each of my writing packets are differentiated for grades Pre-K through 5th which make it easy to make modifications to meet the needs of every learner in your classroom.

These are some great books that provide information about rabbits and bunnies to elementary students. I especially like Rabbits, Rabbits & More Rabbits! by Gail Gibbons. A nice follow-up would be to have your students paint rabbits with watercolors as inspired by the book. Click on any of the book covers to read full descriptions and reviews. 

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