FRACTION BOOKS: Math Literature

On Thursday  I blogged about some of the activities that I had done in my classroom to teach my third graders about fractions and shared some materials from my Fraction Packet. You can read that post here.

This year I have really been trying to incorporate more math literature into my lessons. Above are the books that I had borrowed from the public library that focused on fractions. I plan to order a couple to own.

Whole-y Cow: Fractions Are Fun was simple and engaging. I read it to my second grade son before I brought it to school and he quickly understood the concept of fractions in a set. 

Full House: An Invitation to Fractions was a book that my students enjoyed listening to and I modeled the fractions on the board as I read it aloud.

The other books were worth checking out and worked well as a center during my math workshop rotations.

Click on any of the books below to read full descriptions and see additional images via Amazon.



Be sure to check out my Common Core aligned, 150+ page fraction packet if you are going to be teaching that concept in first grade, second grade, third grade or fourth grade. It's full of resources, games, projects, and activities to use during your Math Workshop.

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