FREEBIE: Picture Pie Fraction Craftivity {Virtual Vacation}

Today's Virtual Vacation Destination is Disney's Animal Kingdom. In keeping with the theme, I have created a Souvenir Freebie with an Animal Theme.
Click to access and download the Picture Pie: Fraction Craftivity Freebie
This packet includes printables to create pictures using fractions of a circle, printables to mount them on, and a display sign for an easy bulletin board. 

I made it as an extension of my 150+ page Fraction Unit Bundle. Please check out that resource for more great hands-on manipulatives, centers, games, printables, resources and more:

It would be best to explore Ed Emberly’s book, “Picture Pie” with your students, but it is not necessary. Simply have them use the pieces to create images. I used this activity while we were studying
fractions. After creating their pictures they added up the pieces and recorded the total amount as a mixed fraction. It really helped them to understand the concepts in a fun and creative way.

Since we are at Animal Kingdom today you may want to check out my blog posts about Jungle / Safari Themed Classrooms or my Animal Research Packet (55 pages that can be used to study any animal)


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