Getting the Classroom Ready For the New Year Before You Leave {Ending The School Year Series: Post 4}

This is the 4th of 5 posts with tips and ideas for packing up your classroom at the end of the school year. The first three posts can be found here:

Today we are focusing on Getting the Classroom Ready for the New Year...Before You Leave
If you’ll be returning to your same classroom in the fall, there are several steps you can take if you have the time that will make things easier when you come back. 
  • Prepare Bulletin Boards: Hang fabric and borders. Having fabric and border will make the classroom look neat and ready.
  • Take Measurements: Measure shelves, tables, closets, desks, boards, wall space, etc. Keep these measurements handy (in your purse, on your phone, etc.) so you can use them during the summer. They’ll be useful for planning how you want to set up your room and also for when you are out and about looking to buy containers or make projects.
  • Label: If you have a class list before you leave, you can prepare nametags, cubby labels, etc. Even if you don’t hang them it will be nice to have them in the room and ready to go and not cluttering your house all summer.
  • Copy and Prep: If you are allowed to make copies for the upcoming year before this one ends then by all means beat the crowds at the copiers and laminators. Take advantage of parent volunteers who have proven to be competent and helpful at tasks like these and ask them to lend a hand. This is especially useful if you have taught the same grade in the past and know what you’ll be using.
  • Enlist Student Help: Have some student volunteers stay after school to help with some off jobs. Kids are great at checking puzzles for lost pieces, organizing craft supplies, testing markers, sharpening pencils, etc. 

To get more ideas I reached out to other teachers through the Clutter-Free Classroom Facebook fan page.  I’ll be featuring their fabulous ideas at the end of the series. You read them over at the FB page today or wait and see them on here on Thursday.
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