Multipurpose Checklists for Classroom Management {assessments, gradebook, data, behavior management, etc}

Organizing and managing a classroom can be overwhelming at times. My number one tip is always to make your classroom as Clutter-Free as possible because the less you have...the less you have to organize. My number two tip is to create a procedure and routine for EVERYTHING! Though those two things will take some time and planning, they will really help you to create an effective learning environment.

However, my number three tip is so super simple...yet it packs a big punch.

Are you ready?

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I use them all the time. We all do. That’s why it makes sense to have a go to checklist for all purposes.

They can be used for. . .
grades / assessments
misc data collection
taking turns

and so much more

It’s common to have random slips of paper scattered about the classroom and stuffed into your teacher bag with student names and checks scribbled onto them. That can defeat the purpose of the checklist.

You want it to be accessible and handy and consistent.

My suggestions:

  • Create a specific location for storing your class checklist(s). I highly recommend a tabbed section in your teacher organization binder, but you may want to create a smaller binder specifically for checklists with tabbed sections signaling what each section is about. 

  • You could keep them on a clipboard.

  • You can print a single copy and slide it into a plastic page protector. This will allow you to use a dry erase marker to check things off and reuse the same list over and over (hello ink-saving technique!).

  • You could also print a single copy and put it into a frame. The frame can sit on your desk or teacher table for easy access.

  • They are also a great tool for student use. Place them in centers or workstations for students to checkoff when they have completed a task. I use them as part of my daily Math Workshop.

I have created a Multipurpose Class Checklist Packet. It includes a PDF for you to handwrite student names and assignments, assessments, etc. The packet also includes a list using numbers instead of names. This is another handy dandy management tip that will save you time. Each of the forms in the packet comes in a choice of 30 different stylish patterns to match any classroom theme or color scheme. They coordinate with my Lesson Plan Binder Covers Freebie.

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