First Day of School Freebie {Teacher KWL Printable}

It was finally one of those days that I was able to check off a big chunk of my to do list. I've had a lot of things "in production" and many made it to completion today! Woo Hoo!!

#1 The Clutter-Free Guide to Organizing Your Classroom got a mini-makeover. If you have purchased it in the past...a) Thanks a bunch!! b) Log into your TPT Account and download the new version for free.

#2 I finished and uploaded the two big 4th Grade Common Core Products that have keeping me up at night:

Hopefully all the 4th grade teachers who have been asking for them will be thrilled. I know my hubby is thrilled because he was getting tired of having his math skills tested by editing them for me. We're such party animals on a Friday and Saturday night.  I also have Assessment Packets, Math Journals, Vocabulary Cards, Common Core Summary Sheets and more already uploaded for Second and Third Grade. You can see those here.
#3 Completely updated the Back to School Printables Packet. This was one of my original products and was in need of an overhaul. The activities stayed the same, but they were all given a complete facelift. I also added additional pages for differentiation. The packet contains 13 Ready-to-Use Activities that will make the first days of school a breeze. Many also make great (and super easy) bulletin boards to get the year started.

{Click to Access and Download: Back to School Packet}

Which brings me to today's FREEBIE....While redoing all of the above pages, I created an additional page that can be used in most grade levels. It's a New Teacher KWL. I opted not to include lines so they template can be used for writing or drawing. Have the students complete the first 2 boxes on the first day and then the last box a bit later in the week. It will be nice to send home so the parents can learn a bit about you are well. 

I am planning to complete my own All About Me, Newspaper and Bio Poem from the Back to School Packet as a model for the students before they work on them. I think I'll send a copy of one of those home (with my information) attached to the students completed My New Teacher KWL so the parents can learn a bit about me.
{Click to access and download: My New Teacher KWL Freebie}

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