Modeling Teamwork in the Classroom: A Back to School Idea

My son received a gift card for his birthday that he use to buy an ant farm. 

The ants arrived yesterday and got right to work. The kids were really excited to check on it this morning. It is really, really, really cool to watch.

As in...goodbye good chunk of my morning spent staring at said ants. 

I went in to school to work on my classroom a bit and do you know what the first thing I did was when I walked back into my house? Yep, checked on our little ant friends.

Which gave me an idea. 

You know how at the start of a new school year we teachers really up the teamwork pep talks and stress the importance of working together? What better visual that an ant farm.

I'm thinking this will serve a few purposes...
A) It will show them how much can be accomplished when working collaboratively and how everyone has an important role and how no one is too small to do big things and blah blah blah. You know the spiel.

B) It's exciting! As summer ends and school begins kids often need an extra push to get excited about strapping on that backpack in the morning. Imagine their enthusiasm about coming in to see the progress made.

C) If you include some books about ants in the classroom your students will be motivated to jump back into reading...and writing...and science.

D) As far a class pets go these are about as easy as it gets.

So needless to say I'm planning to order another ant farm and some ants for the start of school next week. The one we have is from  Fascinations AntWorks

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