3.MD.1 Performance-Based Assessment on Telling Time

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This 8-page math packet was created to use with my 3rd graders as a performance-based assessment on Common Core Standard 3.MD.1.

After teaching the students how to tell time to the minute and calculate elapsed time they were presented with this real-world task which asked them to create a schedule for a 3rd grade field trip to Plimoth Plantation. To complete the project they needed to tell time to the minute, convert minutes/hours, calculate elapsed time and more.

It was fun and engaging. I designed it to be used with my students who had demonstrated proficiency in telling time/elapsed time and needed a challenge/extension while I continued to focus on those skills with my other students.

The packet includes:

  • Task Assignment/Overview
  • Thematic Paper to show their work
  • Response sheets to get them explaining their thought process
  • A Blank Schedule for them to complete (by recording the events, digital and analog time)
  • Scoring Rubric 
  • Answer Key

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