Penguins: A Look at Our Thematic Unit {Common Core Aligned}

You guys. I now know A LOT about penguins. I spent the entire winter break researching and creating a mega-packet of completely Common Core-aligned resources and materials for ALL subject areas. And now if I ever find myself in front of Alex Trebek I'm hoping the final Jeopardy category is "Birds from the Southern Hemisphere" because I could answer anything.

I have to say the time invested was worth it because the kids have really been motivated learners throughout this unit and it has been great to see them applying their reading and writing strategies in a manner that truly excites them.

Penguins are plentiful in classrooms across the country at this time of year, but usually those classrooms fall into the primary category. I'm so proud of this packet because it takes all the fun of those cute black and white little waddlers and kicks it up a few notches with content for bigger kids.

Below are a collection of images that will allow you to peak into my classroom and into the packet of materials I used for my 2+ week interdisciplinary penguin unit. 


{Click here to access and download: Penguin Unit for Big Kids}


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