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In the past I have blogged about using days of the week boxes to organize my copies as well as how I use dishpans to collect student work. I love both of those systems and have found that they really help with classroom organization.  As I thought about the changes I wanted to make in my classroom for the new school year I knew I wanted to add even more efficiency to the procedures and routines. For that reason I decided to designate one specific space in our classroom to house all of the incoming and outgoing papers

In the past the students consistently placed their communication folders and Thursday folders onto my teaching table each morning and pass in all assignments to the labeled bins on a shelf nearby. I kept the daily plans in the boxes on a windowsill so they were accessible to substitute teachers, but not to the children. 

Beginning in the fall I will be using a single shelf in the front of the classroom for all of the above and more.  I have dedicated the entire shelf to managing so many of the papers we deal with daily. I’ve included a basket for the students to place their folders into each morning as well as a tray for collecting homework. There are labeled bins for the students to use when passing in their assignments. The daily lesson plans and daily work boxes even fit perfectly on the bottom shelf. I had additional space which I used to house a copy paper box covered in aqua paper to match our classroom color scheme. I’m going to use it to house all of the district-wide assessments that the children take throughout the year (I keep the Common Core Math Assessments that I created in binders along with their math journal pages and their math vocabulary work to create a data notebook for each students which is shared during parent teacher conferences.

I’m really looking forward to seeing this shelf in action because I am confident it will help to increase student organization.

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