Charlotte's Web Character Traits Activity {RL.2.3, RL.3.3, RL.4.3, RL.5.3 Reading Unit}

{Click to Access and Download: Charlotte's Web Character Trait Activity Pages}

Understanding a character’s words and actions will help to support a student’s overall comprehension of a text. Being able to visualize and summarize character traits are prerequisites to higher levels of comprehension, such as synthesizing information, making inferences, and forming opinions. This packet will help to strengthen those skills as well as strengthen the students’ ability to reference a text to support their thinking.

In my classroom I made a booklet for each student by copying the cover, character trait list and individual character pages back to back and stapling them together on the left-hand side. I projected the character page from this PDF onto my smartboard and we discussed how to use the list, I love knowing that my students’ vocabulary is expanding as we complete these activities. We also discuseed synonms, how good writer’s really think about their word choices, and how these words would be great options to include in their own writing.

{Click to Access and Download: Charlotte's Web Character Trait Activity Pages}

During read aloud I modeled how to identify character traits based on what a character says or does and periodically recorded a trait, the page number and the evidence from the text onto our class chart. This served as a reminder on how to complete the organizer.

I often paused during reading and had the students discuss what a character was doing or saying and how that could be summarized by a trait. This provided students with additional ideas and support in completing their own booklets. 

I use the template that includes page number when citing evidence because I have a class set of books and each student has a copy of their own to reread and reference. I have also included an optional version that does not require the students to record a page number. This version is perfect if you are completing the reading as a read aloud.

{Click to Access and Download: Charlotte's Web Character Trait Activity Pages}

This packet includes 2 versions of an 8 page character trait activity booklet focused on the characters in E.B. White's popular novel Chartlotte's Web. It also includes a bonus 3 page writing activity that has students identify their own character traits. 

If you are reading Charlotte's Web...and I really hope you are because it is such a beautiful may also be interested in the Diary of a Pig book I made as well as the Spider Non-Fiction Packet.

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