Connect with Other Teachers and/or Bloggers in Your Area {Teacher Tips}

This blog post is a bit different from my usual posts because today I am writing to give you a little pep talk, twist your arm a bit, give you an oh-so gentle push and encourage you to step out of your comfort zone.  Don't worry. It's nothing too scary. I'm just asking you to attend a meet-up for teachers / bloggers in your area.

If you are a blogger or a TPTer you will enjoy connecting with others who "get" what it is that you do and if you don't blog or sell on TPT you will still be welcomed with open arms and build relationships with teachers in different districts and grade levels. 

Here are a few common reasons why people might hesitate to attend a meet-up:
  • I don't know anyone. (Well good news....that's the whole point of going!)
  • I'm shy. (No worries. There will be plenty of friendly people to break the ice and make you feel welcome right away. I assure you there will be no awkward silence and at no point you will be quietly standing in a corner feeling lonely and wishing you stayed home.)
  • I don't have a blog. (Doesn't matter! You'll still have plenty of things in common with the folks. There will be no shortage of things to talk about. Plus if you've ever thought about starting a blog you'll have a panel of experienced people to get tips from.)
  • I'm not currently in the classroom. (Perfect! It's so interesting to learn about what others are doing. At our most recent gathering I met a mom who homeschools, someone who works from home, and more. Plus if you are not currently in the classroom, but are looking for a teaching position it is a great way to make local connections.)
If you have a different reason for not attending let me know and I'm sure I can turn it into a positive. ;)

{Photo snagged from Shut the Door and Teach}

My experiences have all been so wonderful. I've met lovely people who instantly became friends and have been a source of support and encouragement for all things teaching/blogging/TPTing ever since.

Of course there is a level of discomfort that comes with joining a group for the first time. It's easy to talk yourself out of it. You may second guess your decision, question what you are going to wear and find many excuses to stay home. But don't. You'll be so glad you did it.

If you feel like this may really be too far out of your comfort zone then start small. Try contacting one local blogger and suggest meeting up for coffee or lunch. Once you establish that initial connection you'll find it easier to attend a meet up with your new buddy by your side.

{Photo snagged from The Starr Spangled Planner and
taken with The Tutu Teacher's infamous selfie stick}
These types of gatherings are popping up all over the place now so it shouldn't be hard to find one.

And if you are in the New England area then I have good news for you. There are some super awesome ladies planning to get together this Saturday and it's not to late to join us. 
Many thanks to Vera, Jillian, Deirdre and Mary for planning A Teacher's Night OutJust click on the link to join the fun!! You won't regret it.

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