Back to School Tips, a Freebie and a Giveaway

All of us over at Upper Elementary Snapshots thought it would be fun to have a whole week of giveaways right before the new school year! That's right...a whole week!! We are giving away over $400.00 in prizes including Teachers Pay Teachers Gift Cards...and entering couldn't be easier!

To start off our week, we are going to be linking up all of our blogs just for you, and giving some great "Back-to-School" tips and freebies to help you start your year off right! Here's my tip for you...

You start each new school year organized and ready to go. Your classroom is beautifully decorated and the supplies are shiny and new. You spend the first few weeks having fun getting to know your new students and their families and have successfully created a classroom community. The year is underway!

And then some time goes by and the reality of assessments, a hectic schedule and lots of meetings sets in. The crayons start to break and the pencils are starting to short, but there is a lot to be said about having a room full of students who are familiar with your procedures and routines

The excitement of the new year is replaced with the comfort of familiarity and structure. 

And that's when it happens. A new student is added to your class list. 

Here's the thing about new students. They rarely arrive with lots of notice. In fact, in may schools you may be alerted when you walk through the door on a Monday morning (a wee bit late because of traffic and with coffee spilled on your outfit because its "one of those days). 

A new student's arrival need not be stressful. Simply put together extra bags of all the things you are preparing for your students at the start of the school year and you'll just have to grab a bag if a new student transfers in mid-year.

Be sure to include things like name tags for cubbies, desk plates, a communication folder, journals and notebooks, clothespins or popsicle sticks if you use them for classroom management and any other supplies that are specific to your classroom.

You'll be glad you have these on hand and will be able to focus on welcoming your sweet new friend to the amazing classroom you've created!

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