Teacher Recharge Challenge Week 5 {Time Saving Tips for Teachers, Reduce Stress, Get Organized, Prepare for the New Year}

The focus of this site is to help teachers organize and manage their classrooms. Taking some time during the school vacation to get organized at home can greatly reduce your stress level and make your school days much more relaxed. This series contains "challenges" you can do that will become teacher time savers during the school year.

Challenge #5: Simplify Grocery Shopping

In addition to not needing to schedule pee breaks at specific times, one of the nicest benefits to summer vacation is having the luxury of grocery shopping when it is less crowded. This week’s Summer Recharge Challenge will provide you with tips for saving time at the grocery store. 

Here are a few tips for saving time and money when grocery shopping as a teacher:

  • Make a Checklist: Make a list of foods you buy regularly. Keep it handy and check off items as you run out.

  • Map Out Your Grocery Store: I did this about five years ago and it has been an invaluable time saver for me. I grabbed a notebook and went to the store we always shop at. I started at the beginning of the store and made a list of what items were found in which aisle. I obviously didn’t write down each and every item, but I did make sure to include any category I may (at some point) purchase. When I got home I typed up the list in a word document and printed a bunch of copies. I use this as my grocery list by simply highlighting the items that we need to buy. This prevents me from needing to go back and forth for items on the list that I forgot to grab. 

  • I took it a step further and reformatted the list so that the first half of the store is on the top of the page and the second half of the store is on the bottom of the page. This is helpful when my husband and I go to the store together. We grab two carts, rip the list in half, start on opposite sides of the store and meet in the middle. 

  • Stock Up: Making a menu and knowing which items you use often or need for specific recipes will allow you to buy nonperishable products in larger amounts. I noticed we were buying some items (oatmeal, cereals, pasta, etc) often. This meant that I was adding it to my list weekly, finding it in the store, checking out with it, and making room in the pantry for it regularly. By buying enough for the month once I didn’t need to think about it weekly.

  • Use a Grocery Delivery Service: Some stores offer services that allow you to order and pay online and either have the groceries delivered to your door or brought out to your car. Some services are free and others have a small fee. Do the math because while it may seem like an unnecessary luxury, the cost is probably far less than what you will spend on impulse buys when in the store. This option is also helpful in keeping you on track with healthy eating.

Feel free to post pictures on social media as you complete the challenges. Use #CFCRechargeChallenge. Do you have any tips for saving teachers time and money with grocery shopping?  Add them in the comments below.

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