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About Me

I am the author of The Clutter-Free Classroom Blog and creator of the downloaded resources found here I am a National Board Certified Teacher with 17 years of experience teaching pre-K, kindergarten, first, second and third grade. I've loved each for different reasons.  
 My hubby and I have been married for 11 years and are the proud parents of a 9 year old boy and 5 year old identical twin girls. We live in the Boston area and love spending time in Maine and Florida. 

The Clutter-Free Classroom Story

Did you ever take one of those career aptitude tests? In high school our school guidance counselor administered them to each of us and according to my answers I would have been perfect in the role of beautician or forest ranger. Seriously?!?! 

That was comical for 3 reasons. 

#1 I rocked a ponytail in a scrunchie throughout high school and aside from a very unfortunate incident involving a bottle of Sun-In, hair products were not my thing. 

#2 Nature is definitely not my thing. In fact, I would describe myself as "an indoor type." Sure I love the beach, but I try my best to avoid all things bugs and dirt. 

#3 I am one of those people who has always known I wanted to be a teacher. I can't remember ever wanting to do anything else (certainly nothing in the cosmetology or forestry fields). 

And so I promptly checked the education box under the "intended major" section of my college application and never looked back.

After graduating from college I quickly learned that in the northeast it was very challenging to gain experience as a teacher without an actual teaching job and even harder to get a job as a teacher without experience. Florida on the other hand had many positions to fill (and lots of sun and fun) so off I went in a Mazda Miata with all my personal belongings packed inside.

Have you seen the size of a Mazda Miata? It does not hold much stuff. Well, fast forward two years later when I moved back to the Boston area with a large Uhaul filled with the contents of my classroom.

Over the next few years I took over for two retiring teachers who gifted me everything they had accumulated in a combined 80 years of teaching. I then changed grades annually for 6 years and was constantly adding new resources to my collection...while also holding on to the old ones in case I returned to a previously taught grade level.

And as a result I had TOO MUCH STUFF!

It was time to get serious about organizing my classroom space and purging, donating or recycling the resources that weren't being used. I read books and articles about home organization. I tweaked and applied those tips and strategies in my classroom. Next, I focused on finding the best ways to organize and manage my teaching environment. Finally, I turned my attention to creating ways to decorate our learning space so that it was inviting and comfortable yet visually Clutter-Free.

When my son was born I had the privilege of taking an entire year off to be home with him. 

And while he napped I started a blog...back when teaching blogs weren't actually a thing. I had already been presenting at workshops and consulting teachers on ways to set up, decorate, and organize their classroom and the blog became an extension of that. I also began creating resources and classroom theme kits for teachers. It was really just a little hobby and I never expected it to grow into something any larger than it was.

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As part of my workshop presentations I wrote The Clutter-Free Classroom Guide to Organizing Your Classroom so that the attendees would have a resource to take with them. When I opened my online teacher store I listed it as one of my first products and things somehow took off from there. Clutter-Free Classroom is now an official family business (complete with an LLC after the title...fancy huh?) and we are having fun learning the ropes of what all that means along the way. 

It has been a wonderful journey and I feel so blessed to have the honor of doing what I now do.   I am so grateful to my readers and love knowing that in some small way I am playing a role in classrooms around the world.

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