Even with the best intentions, some people aren’t able to attain or maintain a clutter-free classroom because of simple mistakes they don’t even know they are making!  These simple mistakes derail them or prevent them from reaching their goal.  Read below to get a list of common decluttering mistakes so you can be sure not to make them too!

Decluttering your elementary classroom is not easy. If it were, all teachers would have an organized classroom. Get tips, ideas, hacks, and advice from the expert: Clutter-Free Classroom. She is the classroom organization guru you always wanted. Read her blog post here to help you during your decluttering challenges! #clutterfreeclassroom #classroomorganization #organization


Before you start your decluttering journey, you may come across some obstacles that prevent you from taking action.  Even after you begin, you will inevitably come across some additional obstacles.  In order to prevent yourself from getting stuck and giving up, it’s a good idea to plan ahead and think about how you will overcome these challenges when you do.  Reflect on the possible obstacles below and brainstorm a strategy of what you will do in response.

Before you declutter and organize your elementary classroom, read these common obstacles teachers face when decluttering their classrooms.  It will prepare you for the process of decluttering your space, so there won’t be any surprises that come up!  Read this blog post and get started today! #teacherorganisation #organisedteacher #classroomorganisation #clutterfreeclassroom


Without even realizing it, clutter is negatively impacting your life. One of the reasons I am so passionate about removing clutter from classrooms is that I’ve seen how it hinders student growth and teacher productivity. The items you possess should be tools to achieve your professional goals and the learning goals you set for your students, not obstacles that impede them.

Do you think your classroom clutter is affecting you and your students’ health and safety? It’s a sad and unfortunate truth. This information will drive you to finally take action and rid yourself of the clutter in your elementary classroom. Read this Clutter-Free Classroom blog post to learn more! #clutterfreeclassroom #elementaryclassroom #declutter


Why is an organized classroom important? Does it impact my ability to teach or my students’ ability to learn?  I am here to tell you that there are tons of benefits of having an organized clutter-free classroom and YES it does impact your students’ learning.  Here’s the thing… Some teachers are perceived as hoarders, but often times it’s not their fault.  We are often required to house decades old curriculum and teaching resources in our classrooms even though there is a thick coating of dust on them and zero expectation to be using them.  Yet, we still need to keep them stored in our classrooms.  On top of that, some teachers have been teaching 20+ years and have collected so much stuff.  Or a retired teacher leaves everything to a new teacher, who then has decades of materials that are both a blessing and a curse.  No matter where you are in your teaching journey, it’s likely that you have quite a bit of decluttering to do. This clutter isn’t good for you and it’s definitely not good for your kids.  Read below to learn more about why it’s important to declutter and purge your classroom.

If you need some motivation to clean out and declutter your classroom, this inspiration-filled Clutter-Free Classroom blog post could be exactly what you need! It offers 10 reasons to declutter and organize your classroom. Stop the feeling of being overwhelmed and take action today by reading this post! #clutterfreeclassroom #organization #decluttering

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