How to Create an Ideal Class Meeting Area for Read Alouds

It is incredibly important to create a space in your classroom that is specifically designed for read aloud time during your day. This can be a shared space for whole group instruction for any content area, but there are specific elements that need to be present in order for the space to be conducive to read alouds.

I am often asked: How can I create the IDEAL class meeting area for my read aloud instruction? This questioning is essential when you are setting up your classroom and creating a learning environment that best serves your students.


Small-Group Instruction Area
The small-group instruction area is where the magic happens. It is in those guided groups and 1:1 student lessons that the those “lightbulb moments” happen. It is there that you will constantly be reminded of the reasons you love your job. You need to set up for success by designing a space to work with your students on a much more differentiated, individual level.

How to Declutter and Organize Your Teacher Desk


Flexible seating continues to be popular amongst elementary classroom teachers. We are all seeing Pinterest and Instagram photos of couches, crates, tires, stools, cushions, benches, laundry baskets, yoga balls, ottomans, and pillows in these elaborate classroom layouts. Some teachers love it and are asking questions about what it is and how to start, while other teachers are reluctant and asking about the research behind it and what the proven benefits are. Wherever you fall on this spectrum, I support you on your journey towards providing your students with the best education possible.

Take a peek at these posts that offer 1) some things to consider when implementing flexible seating and 2) some awesome ideas, tips, and pictures related to flexible seating options. Whether you are a classroom teacher, special education teacher, or specialist, this information is very valuable for you.

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