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Elementary Math Word Problems

In order for students to become proficient in mathematics, they need to apply their learning to real life situations, which can be achieved through word problems.  During this application, it is essential for students to be exposed to different types of problems and situations. This helps them become flexible thinkers and strong mathematicians.

This experience should not be about following rote procedures and computing correct responses. When solving these types of problems, it is important for students to apply multiple strategies to make sense of the problem and solve it. These experiences should be grounded in strategy application and problem solving, rather than simply computation. Therefore, it is critical to fully equip students with anchor charts, tools, and manipulatives that will motivate and prepare them for these problem solving experiences.

Ideas and Strategies for Teaching Word Problems

Math word problems tend to be one of the most challenging tasks for elementary students. If you find that students in your classroom are struggling with word problems, read below to grab lots of strategies, tips, and ideas for teaching word problems.


Does your current math instruction involve only situations where there is one answer? Are students expected to solve problems following rigid procedures that do not require critical or creative thinking? Perhaps open-ended math problems is what your learners need to become true mathematicians who use diverse problem solving strategies to explore mathematical situations where there isn't necessarily one "right" answer.

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