Hands On Math Activities

Have you ever had a student be able to seamlessly recite their multiplication facts, but are unable to 1) explain how they solved it and 2) apply it to a real world problem?  This student lacks a conceptual understanding of multiplication.  Conceptual understanding has become an essential component of best practice teaching since the Common Core was adopted, as it expects students to do more than rote memorization.  Instead, it demands students be active participants in real-world learning and application to prepare them for college and careers in the twenty-first century.  Read to learn more about what conceptual understanding is, the difference between conceptual understanding and procedural fluency, why conceptual understanding is important, and what it looks like in an elementary classroom.

Hands on math activities for elementary students are essential. Teacher friends, check out this blog post to get ideas for how you can implement it in your classroom. Hands on learning makes mathematics fun for first, second, third, fourth, and fifth grade students. #handsonmath #mathactivities #elementarymath

10 Tips for Stress-Free Standardized Testing

Standardized testing in elementary schools has become the norm, and while we can’t completely take away the stress and anxiety it brings our students (and us as teachers), there are some steps teachers can take to get through testing with as little stress as possible. Read below to learn more!

Ideas to Get Students Writing in Math

Integrating writing and math is critical in twenty-first century classrooms. Mathematical writing is an effective way to encourage students to make sense of concepts and skills, think critically, make connections, explain thinking, communicate ideas, practice literacy skills, self-assess, and reflect on learning. Read below to learn more about integrating writing into math instruction by examining why writing is important in math, ways to get students writing in math class, tips for supporting writers during math, what math journals are, how to write a good math journal prompt, and things to use math journals for besides writing.

Are you looking for ideas to get elementary students writing in math? If so, you found the right place! This blog post is packed with awesome ideas and even some journal printables for teachers. Check it out now! #writinginmath #writingactivities #mathjournal #mathjournals #elementarymath

Concept Sorts

Are you looking to learn more about concept sorts? If so, you found the right place! A concept sort can be used across content areas: Math, reading, science, social studies, and more. It is a powerful instructional tool that can be used as a way to introduce, reinforce, or assess a concept. It's incredibly versatile!

This blog post will...
  • explain what a concept sort is and why it is beneficial to students
  • identify the similarities and differences between open and closed sorts
  • offer tips and ideas for using them

Concept sort activities make learning fun for students! Kids love math concept sorts! After reading the blog post, make sure you grab sorting products that are aligned to the math Common core state standards. They make a great math center! #sorting #sortingactivity #conceptualunderstanding #elementarymath

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