Veterans Day Activities for Kids

These Veterans Day activities, free printables, and a list of Veterans Day books for kids will give first grade, second grade and third grade teachers ideas for lessons, crafts and art projects to honor those who have served. The facts for teachers, writing prompts, read alouds, assembly ideas, and bulletin board displays are perfect for fourth grade, fifth grade, and of course a homeschool curriculum too..

Are you prepared for Veterans Day in the classroom? This article shares 9 things teachers should know about Veterans Day. It will help you avoid the common mistakes some teachers make when teaching their students about Veterans Day and provide you with book titles and Veterans Day activity ideas.

Turkey in Disguise Writing Project and Craft Ideas

The Turkey in Disguise project is a fun activity for kids that makes a great bulletin board. If you need a family project letter, writing examples, rubric or ideas you'll find them here. This creative craft is a great lesson to pair with the books Turkey Trouble, Twas the Night Before Thanksgiving or Run, Turkey Run or just have students use the template to outline a descriptive or persuasive story. This post includes a free printable and links to writing paper and more.

Turkey in Disguise:

Disguising a turkey is such a fun and creative project that gets kids excited about November writing. It is something I have personally used in my own classroom at least (gulp) sixteen times and this year I am using it in the homeschool setting. This post will explain how to teach a lesson and guide students through the craft project known as Turkey in Disguise.


I feel your pain.

You are in your classroom. It is time for writing. Kids groan. You feel defeated. 

You pretend you don't hear it because secretly you are wondering, "Was that actually the kids groaning or did I accidentally expose my true feelings about our writing block and let the groan in my head slip out?"

You act casual...chipper even. You start the lesson. You feel OK about it. 

You set them free to draft the next great American novel. 

Or perhaps since this is elementary school, you just want to get a decent paragraph out of them.

Do you have reluctant writers in your class? Most teachers have kids who struggle with writing and students who lack motivation. This post will teach you how to get all your students writing using prompts, paragraph of the week, and a system for writing.Heads go down. 

Bodies slump.

Then it happens. Some pencils start to move. You feel a flicker of hope...until you realize they are doodling.

Ultimately paragraphs get produced, but the quality is disappointing.

Like I said, I feel your pain. I was there. I was there for many years actually. 

But friends, like all great American novels, this tale has a happy ending.

EXIT TICKETS: Why You Need Them and How to Use Them

Exit ticket, exit slip, exit card, exit prompt, exit pass… All of these terms are used interchangeably to describe a quick assessment given at the end of a lesson or class period.  Not only will I tell you everything you need to know about using exit tickets in your classroom, but I  will also provide you with some free exit ticket printables to use with any lesson in any subject.

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