Classroom organization can be simple with these decluttering and organizing tips. Become an organized teacher and make extra money with these hacks today!
Teacher salaries are lower than other working professionals by large margins.  Teachers like you are highly underpaid for the outstanding and important work you do each day.  As a result, we often need to pick up second jobs and find other creative ways to save and make money.  This thinking led me to writing this blog post.  There are so many different ways to sell items now. What better motivation to clean out your classroom is there than to make money doing it?  Over time, we purchase so many items for our classroom.  If you are not using them anymore and they are contributing to the clutter in your classroom, sell them using one or more of the options below.  After choosing a format/platform, you can create a plan for what you will do with the clutter you clean out of your room.

This blog post will…

  • offer some good options for getting rid of things you do not need
  • suggest ways to make money as a classroom teacher
  • empower you with the knowledge to choose the best place to sell for you

Before we begin:

Ways to Make Money

Letgo: It is a free app to buy and sell locally. Listing something on letgo is as simple as taking a photo.

Facebook Marketplace: You just need a Facebook account to sell your used items online using this tool.

Ecrater: I love It is so easy to use and there are no fees involved. Let me repeat fees! I am baffled as to why there are no fees, but it's true and it's legit. I have been selling on there for years and it's been 100% positive. If you have a lot of stuff to get rid of then this is a fantastic option.

Craigslist: I love Craigslist. A few weeks ago, my husband decided to clean out the garage...while sitting on the couch. He posted a stroller, our twin's infant seats, a high chair and an exersaucer on a Saturday night. By Sunday afternoon the garage was cleared out and we had a couple hundred dollars in our pockets. It's great for the quick turnaround and lack of fees.

Ebay: I personally don't think it's worth the time to sell on Ebay because of all the fees and policy changes. However, if you are used to using it and happy with it then there is certainly a market of teachers shopping on there in the summer.

Online Yard Sale: Post your items on your social media with clear descriptions and prices. You can also join a local online yard sale Facebook group.

Yard Sale: One of our retiring teachers spent the summer cleaning out her room and then held a garage sale the first weekend of the new school year. She advertised at all of the local schools and had a great turnout.



Classroom organization can be simple with these decluttering and organizing tips. Become an organized teacher and make extra money with these hacks today!

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