Yesterday I introduced step 1 in preparing your Clutter-Free Classroom. If you haven't gathered your supplies yet, you still have a little time. Today we are going to focus on organizing a teacher swap.

A few years ago we needed to shift a lot of classrooms around at my school. That meant a lot of teachers would be going through every nook and cranny of their rooms and there would be a lot of great things that they no longer needed or wanted, but that could be used by others. Somebody came up with a wonderful idea to hold a swap and many people benefited from it.

I scored three fabulous benches that a teacher moving to 5th grade had decided would be too small for her students. There were books, games, classroom furniture and lots of resources to pick from. We all had a lot of fun with it.

You'll need to identify a location. We were lucky because we had a classroom available and were able to run our swap over the course of a week. This was ideal because people could drop and "shop" at their leisure. If you don't have a room available you could get creative and designate a space behind a stage curtain, a table in the teacher's lounge or a space in your copy room. You may also want to consider services that may end before the official school year does (library, PT, preschool) and see if they would be willing to allow you to use their space.

Another idea would be to designate a specific day and have each teacher put the unwanted materials outside their classroom door after dismissal and people can stroll around and look for treasures.

You need to pick a start date and end date and create a plan on how to handle anything left over. Our custodian took care of it for us.

I created the flyer shown above for you to display in your school. Click on the link above to download it. Simply fill in the date and time and spread the news to your coworkers. I suggest also sending out an email to fill them in as well.

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