Board Game Themed Classrooms

Are you planning a Birds Themed Classroom or thematic unit? This blog post provides great decorating tips and ideas for the best bird theme yet! It has photos, ideas, supplies and printable classroom decor to will make set up easy and affordable. You can create a bird theme on a budget!

Bird Classroom Theme Decor Photos, Ideas and Printable Classroom Decorations 

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This post is part of my Classroom Theme Series. Visit my classroom theme page to view ideas & pictures of all different themed classrooms.

Bulletin Board Backgrounds:
  • black/red checkerboard design
  • Twister Board

Bulletin Board Border Ideas:
  • monopoly money
  • Trivial Pursuit game cards
  • playing cards
  • colored squares like Candyland
  • use solid color border and hot glue game pieces all over it

Welcome Board:
  • Dice with students' names written on the circles. Title as, "Look Who's Rolling into ___ Grade"
  • Guess Who is in Mr./Ms. _____'s Class

Behavior Board:
  • Sorry
  • Staying out of Trouble (with Trouble game)
Job Board:
  • Make it to look like a game spinner.
  • The Game of Life
  • Payday
Math Board:
  • Math is More Fun than a Barrel of Monkeys
  • Yahtzee


  • Boggle
  • Scrabble- Use letter tiles for the bulletin board heading and for printing words. Here's a link to a free Scrabble fonts.
Class Photos or Student Drawings:
  • Pictionary

Display a Battleship Game or image of it on the door with a dry erase marker to write where you are if you are out of the room. Title it, "Our Coordinates."

Create a board with a Guess Who theme for Mystery Reader.

Use posterboard to create checkers, chess pieces, 3D dice, etc. Hang from the ceiling with fishing line.

Create locker/cubby tags that look like Monopoly Squares and title, "Jane Street, "Liam Avenue, Zoe Place, etc."

This teacher created Trivial Pursuit game pieces as a behavior plan for table points.

Even if you are not doing a Boardgame Theme, Homeworkopoly is a great addition to the classroom. I created a Homeworkopoly Board many moons ago. I thought it came out great at the time, but it didn't even compare to Kristen's AMAZING version of it. And guess what? She oh-so-generously shared the files over on her site. Don't act surprised. I sent you over there a few weeks ago with promises of awesomeness. I don't make these things up. :)

I love the idea of using carpet squares to make a life-size gameboard. I'm picturing it in the meeting area. I also had a vision of covering milkcrates to make dice seats. How cool would those be?

These would be adorable as nametags on desks.

This mom transformed her home into a Candyland Game. You could adapt some of these ideas for the classroom.

This idea would be cute with actual photos of the kids on a red/black checkerboard titled, "Check Us Out."

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