Our goal as teachers is to help our students discover their love of writing. An effective tool to help us achieve this is a writing center. When creating a writing center, you want to designate a space that will allow you to make accessible the tools needed for the craft. While structured writing lessons and assignments are very important, students really grow when they are allowed to write about topics that interest them in ways that interest them. Read below to learn more.

This blog post will...

  • define a writing center and its purpose
  • offer three factors to consider
  • recommend furnishings, supplies, and other tips

What is a writing center?

A writing center is a designated space in the classroom that makes all of the tools for writing accessible to students.

What is the purpose of of a writing center?

The purpose of a writing center is to make writing tools accessible to students (so they can be more independent learners), facilitate opportunities for them to craft writings of their choice or the teacher’s choice, invite them to see themselves as writers, and build a love of writing in students.

When planning your writing center, you should consider three key factors:

  1. Accessibility: Create a writing center that is accessible to all students at the same time.
  2. Organization: Your writing center should be a model of organization and easy to maintain.
  3. Usability: You need an abundance of materials that students need for all aspects of the writing process. If supplies are missing or have run dry, students will not value you it for the awesome tool this is and will ask you where to find writing tools.

What furnishings and supplies do I need to set up my writing center?

Containers (bins, baskets, drawers, shelves, etc.), labels, and supplies (plain white paper, paper with wide lines, paper with thin lines, letter writing paper, writing prompts, writing journals, tape, staplers, scissors, pencils, pens, highlighters, crayons, colored pencils, glue, erasers, sticky notes, index cards, pencil sharpeners, etc.).

What other tips and ideas should I consider when setting up a writing center?

Make sure your items are well labeled and that you develop procedures and routines to maintain the area. This will help keep it neat and organized which will greatly improve it's value in the classroom.

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