Basket Labels - my classroom makeover

If you've been reading along all summer then you know about my love of tables in the classroom vs desks. While I keep all of the text books together on a shelf and there are pencil cups on each table, I felt that the students needed a place to keep their data notebooks and art boxes. I snagged these baskets from Dollar Tree. I opted for black because while I'm loving on my new aqua and lime green classroom, I know myself well enough to know that I'll be looking for a change by the end of the year and this will make it easy.
To make the baskets coordinate with the room, I double-mounted some fun scrapbook paper onto cardstock. I printed numbers in text boxes with bold borders on the computer and glued them onto the scrapbook paper.

You'll see in the photo below that they seemed to be missing "something." I liked them, but felt they needed to be tweaked a bit.

So I took a black marker and quickly outlined one layer and it was just the "POP" that it needed. I had contemplated outlining the card as a whole, but since they were being attached to black baskets it wasn't necessary.

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